Hon. PM Meets OFBJP-USA Karyakarthas in New York

New York, 24 Sept 2015: PM Modi with OFBJP karykarthas – OFBJP President Chandrakanth Patel, Jayesh Patel and Krishna Reddy on Right of PMModi, Organization General Secretary Rajendra Prasad Singh, Suresh Jani and Ram Kamath on Left of Narendra Modi.

Honorable PM of India Shri Narendra Modi met with OFBJP Karyakarthas and shared his thoughts on how OFBJP karykarthas could participate in Good Governance and Development Agenda of BJP.

Addressing about 20 of the core OFBJP-USA karyakarthas in New York on September 24, 2015, at 9PM, PMModi gave four point agenda to OFBJP karyakarthas to consider and encouraged them to pursue.

  1. Work and facilitate Adarsh Gram Yojana through which one could adopt a village that they could relate to
  2. Work on GIAN and co-ordinate with Retired Indian Origin Academicians in US to share knowledge in Indian educational institutes for which Govt facilitates boarding, lodging and other benefits.
  3. Participate in Infrastructure development such as energising, roadpaving, IT enabling and similar tasks that impact and make big difference in villages.
  4. Develop Social media network by mapping every NRI residing in every state of US with their place of origin in district of every state in India and use it to benefit all those in both the locations.

OFBJP-USA President Shri Chandrakanth Patel introduced all karyakarthas present to PMModi and thanked PMModi for giving his invaluable time to meet and guide OFBJP Karykarthas, who worked very hard for success of 272+ mission and beyond.

Report By Ram Kamath, Edison, New Jersey

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