Maharashtra CM Meets OFBJP-USA Karyakarthas in New York


Maharashtra Chief Minister Honorable Devendra ji Fadnavis met Overseas Friends of BJP Volunteers at The Pierre, a Taj Hotel in Manhattan, New York, on evening of June 29, 2015. At the reception by Friends of Maharashtra (FOM) through partner organizations like HSS, OFBJP, VHPA, SEWA, and other Marathi, Rajasthani, Gujarathi and Telugu associations of tristate area, and AAPI, Honorable Mr. Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay, Consul General of India, New York, thanked all for participating in this event, especially on a week day. CGI was delighted to see a change for the better in India under PMModi, who is empowering states.
Honorable Industries Minister of Maharashtra and Shiva Sena leader Subhasji Desai conveyed greetings to Indian community from Adaraneeya Udhav Thackereyji of Shiva Sena, a coalition partner of BJP in Maharashtra and conveyed his best wishes for creation of Maharashtra Bhavan in New York to facilitate investments to enable Mumbai meet Manhattan and create right condition for PMModi’s Make-in-India efforts.

CM At community reception Addressing OFBJP and HSS Karyakarthas. In the middle of OFBJP Volunteers.
After community reception, Shri Chandrakanth ji Patel, President of OFBJP-USA, welcomed OFBJP and HSS karyakarthas and thanked Devendrji for his time to be among karyakarthas, who worked very hard for mission 272+ making countless phone calls to friends and families in India to support BJP and held hundreds of chai-pe-charcha at 21 OFBJP chapters spread across USA. After introduction of OFBJP office bearers and key karyakarthas, Dr. Yelloji Mirajkar, Karyawaha of HSS-USA, explained that many HSS karyakarthas, busy with Sangh Shiksha Varg, missed this event of meeting one of the youngest CM of India and introduced HSS and SEWA karyakarthas present. He especially mentioned the contributions of Youth volunteers of Sewa, who engaged more than 50 cricket teams in New Jersey to raise funds for Sewa.

Speaking on the occasion Devendraji explained how land sanctified by Chattrapathi Shivaji, Mahatma Phule, Veera Vitthala and Dr. Ambedkar has now become power house of India sharing 15% of India GDP and 30% of exports. He commended contributions of OFBJP karyakarthas in 2014 election and beyond, where India elected NDA Government led by BJP under leadership of PMModi and that India is becoming more and more relevant on world stage occupying its right position as Vishwa Guru. He said that it is one thing for Indians in India to say BJP is a good party. But when NRI Indians from US say that BJP deserves a shot at 272+, it carried a lot of weight.

India, in beginning of first millennium, had 35% of world GDP share. With current demographic dividend, once again India could occupy such a position in near future. Devendraji especially lauded social media, who came out fully supporting Good Governance and Development agenda of PMModi and thanked youth for their participation. He explained how PM Modi is transforming India with Red tape to India with Red carpet for investors and urged all to take advantage. He especially pointed the strategic location of Nagpur, from where 65% of India’s GDP is generated from within 500KMs of its radius. Pramod Bhagat and Anand Phulpagar, in coordination with New York DCG, DR Mohaptra arranged the karyakartha meeting.

Report by Shri Ram Kamath

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