Dear fellow Indian in Denmark
Our beloved country is on the threshold of a historical decision point whereby it will be soon decided whether the country will usher on a path of good governance,
development, and security or on the path of corruption, indecisiveness, insecurity, and anarchy. Since overseas Indians (NRIs, PIOs) have stake in India’s progress,
we at Overseas Friends of BJP – Denmark would like to draw your attention to some points and invite you to participate in the RUN for UNITY on 30th of March in Copenhagen.

About Overseas Friends of BJP :
Overseas Friends of BJP – Denmark was established in year 2013 and is an official member of OFBJPGLOBAL. We act as a bridge between
Indians in Denmark who see Bharatiya Janata Party as a viable option to achieve Good Governance, Development, and Security & future governing party in India.
In addition, we see ourselves as a positive political force representing the cause of Indians in Denmark when BJP led NDA under the able guidance
of Mr. Narendra Modi is at the helm of affairs of Government of India.

Through this note we want to make you aware of our objectives, what can you do support NaMo 4 PM cause, and how do we intend to support you in future:

Objectives of OFBJP-Denmark :
1. To work towards projecting a positive and correct image of India and its people in Denmark and Danish media and correct any distortions in the media’s reporting of current events taking place in India
2. To create a think tank of mature, experienced and intelligent individuals of Indian origin in order to utilize their expertise and wisdom to generate new ideas and support Indian community in Denmark in any social, political and/or legal matters
3. To work towards strengthening social bonds among Indians, irrespective of region, religion, and caste, and help to generate a feeling of oneness and brotherhood
4. Provide the forum to generate positive ideas of progress through discussions such as the way to implement green initiative in India & share our expertise to positively change everyday life in India.

How can you contribute towards a stronger future of India?
1. Call all of your relatives and friends in India and urge them to vote for BJP in the upcoming general elections in India for a better, stronger, and secure India.
2. Donate for NaMo 4 PM fund directly on the website of BJP