Mr. Jayesh Patel, President OFBJP, Member International Central Committee, USA
Jayesh Patel

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Shri Jayesh Patel is born and raised in Baroda, Gujarat, India. He has been in USA since 1981 and has been serving Indian American community through various social, cultural, religious and political organizations including FIA, Lions Club etc., in various capacities. He lives in North Brunswick, New Jersey with his wife Shefali, a microbiologist in Merck;and daughter Priya, a physician.

He did BS in engineering from MS University, Baroda and Masters in Engineering from New York University. Earlier, he worked in Germany for three years. He has been serving OFBJP and o in various capacities for the last nine years and currently he is the President of OFBJP-USA. He is also associated with Sangh Parivar organizations in USA.

Shri Chandrakant Patel, President Elect OFBJP, Member International Central Committee,
Past President, USA
Chandrakant Patel

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Shri Chandrakant Patel is born and brought up in the state of Chattisgarh, India. He has been in USA since 1990 and has been serving the Indian American community with various responsibilities through several Indian community organizations of socio-cultural, religious, and political in nature. He lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and two daughters – a lawyer and a physician.

He did his MA in Sociology and Economics, and LLB from Ravishankar University, Raipur, India. He practiced law in India and became an entrepreneur in USA serving as CEO of “Axon Circuit”, a micro-chip manufacturing company in Tampa, FL. He is a childhood karyakarta of JanSangh and BJP and he actively worked for BJP in his native state of Chattisgarh in India. He does philanthropy for socially deprived tribal people, and initiated and organized many socio-cultural programs in his native state. He actively participates in the election campaigns in Chattisgarh, India.

In USA, he has been actively associated with the OFBJP and other Sangh Parivar organizations for the past 15 years serving in various capacities and positions. Currently, he is the President Elect of OFBJP-USA and also served as the OFBJP President during 2005.

Dr. Adapa V. Prasad, Immediate Past President OFBJP, Member International Central Committee, USA
Dr. Adapa V. Prasad

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Shri Adapa Prasad is born in the state of Chattisgarh, India to Telugu speaking parents and was brought up in both Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh. He has been in USA since 1988 and has been serving the Indian American community in various capacities through several Indian community organizations of socio-cultural, ethnic, and political in nature. He is living in Washington DC metro area with his wife Saraswati, a neuro-scientist in Johns Hopkins medical school; daughter Vindhya, a final year law student; and son Arjun, a 2nd year Bio-Medical engineering student.

He did his MS in Genetics from Ravishankar University, Raipur, India; and Ph.D. in Cancer Genetics from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. He did post-doctoral fellowship from Rochester Medical Center and served as a Scientist and Assistant Professor in the field of Bio-Medical Research. He has been in the field of Information Technology consulting services for the last 17 years. Currently, he is consulting as the Director of IT and President of Stratogix, LLC. He authored many scientific papers in international journals and coauthored a book on Epilepsy.

He is a childhood swayamsevak and actively worked for ABVP and BJP, and elected to the student bodies in India. In USA, he has been actively associated with the OFBJP and other Sangh Parivar organizations for the past 15 years with various responsibilities and positions. He is the Immediate Past President of OFBJP-USA.

Mr. Puneet Ahluwalia , Hon’ble Member OFBJP, Recently Nominated on Republican Party ,
National Committee, USA
Mr. Puneet Ahluwalia

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Has over 20 years experience in Business Administration & Development, Real-Estate, Financing and Executive Management.

He graduated from Delhi University in 1988 specializing in Tourism. He was employed by India Tobacco Company (ITC) travel agency the Travel House. He specialized in various departments from Internation- al & Domestic travels, Inbound & Outbound Tours and handling major conferences. This helped in a greater understanding of bringing in much needed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into various cities and countries thru Tourism, spurting growth in all sectors of economy. Importantly, “Branding Destina- tions & Products”.

He joined Dutch Newspaper “NRC Handelsblad” and later moved to Dow Jones Publication ”Far Eastern Economic Review,” as Bureau Manager, a sister company of “Asian Wall Street Journal”. This experience helped to directly work and facilitate relationship with leading political, business and religious leadership of South Asia.

In late 1990 he immigrated to the United States and later settled in Washington Metropolitan area. In 1993 he became actively involved in real estate, participating in various aspects of the industry– to include; development, construction, sale and resale.

In 1999 he launched a Mortgage company “Loans & Mortgages, LLC”. As President and CEO, he successfully grew the company to over 170 employees. The diversified company with multi lingual staff effectively did home and commercial loans with several major national banks. The company specialized in construction, land loan and worked with builder community. During the home refinance boom the company had a successful relationship with a loan settlement company and underwriting with First American Title, a national company. The business was expanded into providing home and business insurance thru “Tysons Insurance”, writing policies with Travelers , Hartford and other major national insurance carriers.

In 2009, he joined George Allen Strategies a company started by former Virginia Governor & U.S. Senator, George Allen, assisting and advising on various Economic, Financial and Energy issues.

At New World Strategies he leads business development opportunities in target areas with special attention to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP). He works with Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) to explore strategic investment opportunities in new sectors and new markets. He recognizes the need and navigate to full fill the funds vision to lead and develop strategic industries in arenas such as: Infrastructure, Transportation, Utilities, Information Technologies, Telecom- munications, Health Care, Agriculture, Finance & Banking.

Furthermore, he pilots international companies enter the US market and make credible introductions based on their requirements. Importantly, he helps US companies navigate their way into world markets dealing directly with the political and business authorities of the countries.

Another area of expertise is, he works with the team focusing on Coalition Building for political parties domestically. We advise campaigns how best to integrate their message, determining the “push/pull” factors and achieve positive response. We aid in getting the necessary marginal increase in percentage points to win the targeted election. Additionally, another important field is to counsel foreign leadership and candidates looking to enhance their reputation in US with political & business leadership and their migrant population.

Previously, Puneet served on the Advisory Board of The Business Bank for over four years and he was on the board of the Center for Multi-Cultural Human Services (CMHS), a non Profit organization based in Falls Church, Virginia. Puneet served as the Chairman of Fife & Drum Club under Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Chairman Ed Gillespie. He was an active member of Dunn Loring Rotary Club of Virginia till 2008.

He is presently Finance Chairman of Fairfax County Virginia Republican Committee (FCRC). He is an active and core member of US-India Security Forum (USISF).