Honourable Minister of Finance Arun Jaitley in New York


About 500 people from Indian community in USA held a reception on the evening of Wednesday, 17 June, 2015, in Long Island City of New York, in Honor of Finance Minister of India Shri Arun Jaitley.

People turned up in large numbers, considering working day in the middle of the week, and the function started with the former OFBJP President Jayesh Patel leading lamp lighting and singing of Vande Mataram and banquette presentations. Akali Dal, New Jersey Chapter, presented Siropa and Sword to Arunji, after which OFBJP President Chandrakanth Patel Welcomed the Gathering. Joint Treasurer, VK Sabhpathy recognized 10 different organizations and individuals that contributed towards expense of the function.

Ramachandra Kamath, General Secretary, made announcements about future events where OFBJP is participating. Events included, Yoga day to be celebrated on June 21st across 8 different location from North to South and East to West of USA by OFBJP and thanked the efforts of PMModi for making Yoga the Pradhan Mantra for Peace and Happiness that resulted in over 170 members of United nations accepting unanimous resolution that included Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and 44 other Islamic countries. He also highlighted the global summit on Sept 11, 12, and 13 in London by World Hindu Economic Forum with a view of restoring the status of India, which had 35% share of world GDP towards the beginning of 1st century of first millennium. He asked all those interested in making India a super economic power to participate in the conference, which is working on third economic model of India based on mantra of Shat Hasta Samahara, Sahasra Hasta Sankira meaning create wealth with 100 hands and share it with 1000 hands.

Organising Secretary, Rajendra Prasad Singh explained the objective of OFBJP in USA that included strengthening relationship between largest and powerful democracies and role of combating inappropriate information by media on India’s role and future in Global affairs by various vested interests. He particularly stressed the role played by India as powerful economic power which had 35% share of world GDP down to 6% now after reaching as low as 3% in 1990 and expectation to taking back to same level of 35% by Good Governance of such leaders as PM Modi. Bhushan Tadepalli, Joint Secretary introduced Honorable Guest Arunji to the audience stating his major milestones as Student Union President of Delhi University to 19 months under detention during 1975-77 when civil liberties were suspended in India to current role as Finance Minister of India and leader of the BJP in Rajya Sabha, besides practicing law that included clientele such as JD leader Sharad Yadav, Congress leader Madhav Rao Scindia and BJP patriarach LK Advani.

Speaking on the occasion, Arunji cautioned community not to be satisfied with such accomplishments as India’s GDP growth outpacing other G20 countries, while our potential is double digit growth and more. He explained in detail how over the last one year BJP led NDA Government’s work led to increase in economic growth by such Good Governance measures as improvement in system like dismantling of transfer industry, encouragement to businesses and investors through higher share in FDI in various sectors, increase in security of common man through insurance scheme and access to bank accounts, clean India, empowerment of women and education policy geared towards skill development.

On the occasion, Pravasi Kamal, a news magazine of all Overseas Friends of BJP from USA was released www.pravasikamal.com . Krishna Reddy, Treasure of OFBJP, thanked the guest, sponsors and teams of karyakarthas led by Dr. Kalpana Shukla, Pramod Bhagath, Ravi Budhanuru, Sivadasan Nair and Rupesh Trivedi that worked so hard to make this function a grand success. Dinner followed at 5 Star Banquet and Restaurant.

Report by Ramachandra Kamath

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