Shri. Lalubhai Parekh, President OFBJP, UK

Shri Lalubhai Parekh is the President of Overseas Friends of BJP UK and also a successful and respected business leader in London. He is also the ex president of NCGO ( National Congress of Gujrathi Organisations in UK) and a very dynamic member of the prominent Gujrathi Samaj in UK.

He has worked tirelessly since his childhood for Bharat alongside Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee and was one of the founder members of OFBJP in UK. He is famous in UK for his selfless attitude and instilling a sense of pride and love for the motherland under all circumstances. He was born in Gujrat and then became a famous Lawyer in East Africa before migrating and settling down in UK.

Today OFBJP UK runs under his able stewardship and guidance.



Shri Amit Tiwari, General Secretary OFBJP, UK

Shri. Amit Tiwari is the General Secretary of Overseas Friends of BJP UK and is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation in UK.

He was born in India before moving on to UK to complete his education in Banking and Financial Services and ultimately working in the Financial Industry in UK. He has been the key person to create a communication infrastructure for OFBJP in UK and alongwith Shri Lalubhai responsible for constant engagement with the local media and polity groups in UK.

He is also working with other OFBJP Chapters in the world to ensure a synchronization and streamlining of the organisation activities and communication and to create a youth OFBJP wing in UK too.